Our Services

We aim to fulfill the umeet needs of your loved one. We help the older adults in care facilities navigate the environment with ease and have an engaged life.Families can have peace of mind that the seniors are with trust worthy companions, vetted and hired within the facility.

Some Of Our Services

Social Visits

LinkRx companions spend quality time with your loved ones. We understand that as a caregiver you have other responsibilities and we can support you by being there for your loved one.

Tech Support

LinkRx companions help older adults navigate gadget use and virtual visits for easy connection with their families. This includes gaming and other brain stimulation activities.

Culture and Value Support

LinkRx respects older adults' culture and values and strives to support any activities in the realm that the senior is interested in, e.g. church services, indigenous activities etc.

Nutrition Support

LinkRx assists with preparing light snacks for your loved ones as well providing extra time to support with feeding during meal times.

Medical Trips

LinkRx will support you to take your loved ones to dental and specialist appointments so as to free up your time for quality visits.

Daily Walks

LinkRx companions help seniors explore outdoor sceneries, reconnect with nature and promote physical well-being.

Light Errands

LinkRx supports seniors who would still like to do errands on their own but need help getting to a bank or driving to the grocery store.

More Of Our Services Include

Cognitive Stimulation Activities

LinkRx helps improve cognitive function by encouraging seniors to participate more in activities that stimulate brain function such as card games, reading, puzzles and even crafts.

Medication Compliance

CTCare companions build great rapport with the seniors which in turn helps with medication compliance, especially clients with dementia.

Light ADLs

LinkRx supports you when it comes to receiving more one on one care with seniors, for example with behavioral management, Assistance with Bathing/Self Care, e.t.c.

Culture and Value support

LinkRx respects older adults' culture and values and strives to support any activities in this realm that the senior is interested in e.g. Church services, indigenous activities etc.

Therapy support

We aim to support our seniors with different modalities of therapy. Animal therapy, music, art therapy and modern themes like VR therapy.


You Are Important To Us

Further on, you'll receive a feedback summary on the services provided and the well being of your loved one.

You will also have the ability to track the hours as well as know arrival and departure time of the companion.

We will keep you engaged with your loved one with technology support offered by the companion.